rocket meets bucky and sees the metal arm. he opens his mouth to speak. three rooms away peter yells “ABSOLUTELY NOT”

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i still havent gotten over this post






i still havent gotten over this post

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he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue”

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Rebloging for the last 2 panels



Reblogging this for the last two panels


I love the message this sends, but as a pathological arachnophobe I appreciate the last two frames

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I’m not gonna fight you.

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Imagine TFA!Bucky being upset because post serum Steve is too heavy for him to pick up


"No, this is serious," he says, glaring mulishly around as the Howling Commandos snicker into their hands. "You guys don’t understand what he’s like. He picks these dumb fights all the time, and the only way to break it up is to just throw him over your shoulder and high-tail it. The guy’s a menace. Dr. Erskine didn’t know what he was doing, making him all big and heavy and stupid.”

Morita snorts. “Give it up, Barnes. Here, if you want something to carry, take my pack for me.”

(Later, when they have made camp, Steve obligingly maneuvers himself up against a tree and holds his own weight there while Bucky kisses him fiercely and pretends to be holding him in place. “You’re too - damn - big,” he grumbles, and Steve muffles his laugh in Bucky’s shoulder.)


People keep acting like Bucky treated Steve like some precious little flower too fragile to touch and that he was constantly keeping him out of trouble and all “no that’s a bad idea, Steve.” but …like …


I mean sure obviously Steve dragged Bucky into trouble by doing reckless shit (no not “picking fights” because he didn’t do that, he tells off bullies who proceed to resort to violence and if Bucky’d been at the movie theater he’d have totally told that guy off too so don’t even) but it’s made perfectly clear that Bucky dragged Steve into plenty of shit too. Just imagine that day on Coney Island “I don’t about this, Buck” “you’ll be fine, Steve, it’ll be fun!” “I’m not sure I should …” “don’t be a baby, let’s go!”

The only time he takes the well-meaning but extremely patronizing “No, Steve, this is too dangerous for you.” stance people constantly write/draw him with is at the Stark Expo, when the thing he’s warning Steve away from is going to war. Kind of an extreme, clearly not his every day attitude regarding him. Just the fact that he even suggested Steve take a factory job (which were extremely dangerous, something Bucky had to know) is proof he never babied him.

Bucky treated Steve like an equal and that meant letting him make his own decisions and face the consequences of those decisions whether good or bad, maybe facing them with him. Yes, he was protective, maybe a little overly so, but he never treated him like a child and he definitely did his share of getting them into trouble.

I feel like Bucky treated Steve like an equal but after the whole serum thing probably had a few heart attacks whenever Steve jumped from high places or something. Like, logically, he can see that Steve is super human and fine but there’s a voice in the back of his head screaming “Why would you think that would be okay?! How many times have you already done that that you knew you’d be okay?” because a small part of him still sees Skinny Steve for a second when he does it.

The rest of him vaguely wonders if it’s as fun as it looks when Steve does it.

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Have you ever done something that you know was stupid, but that you didn't regret later?


So much random stuff. But I recently bought a Hawkeye bottle cap necklace and a Black Widow bottle cap necklace for $15 each.

I don’t wear necklaces. 

Still worth it.

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